Why Tides Edge Detox is for You!

Hear it from actual client testimonials. Tides Edge Detox has programs and therapies for any substance that’s keeping you down. We know how addiction drags you down, beats you up and won’t let you up. But we have an answer. Sure, we do detox, but we show you how to end addiction for good. These client testimonials describe the caring staff and comfortable accommodations better than we can. Real people with real addictions tell you how it was for them and how it is now after spending some time at Tides Edge Detox.

Client Testimonials

Rick Says Detox Doesn’t Have to Be Miserable

My first impression of treatment centers before I got here was not a good one. I thought the worst. I believed that a detox will be filled with dirty, diseased people and I was going to be in an institution somewhat like jail. I was picked up by a man from the airport that eased my mind and talked about his path to recovery. I arrived at Tides and was greeted by kind, caring staff. The facility was beautiful and clean and in a great neighborhood next to a famous golf course. My encounter with staff and therapist since day one has been pleasant. I felt comfortable digging deep in my inner self and the therapist did a great job at helping me find that strength. The environment here has a vacation/retreat vibe. I am a block away from the beach in a vacation home. The activities we do make me realize the joys in the simple things life has to offer and how to have fun sober again. I feel like I made a new family here at Beaches that I will treasure forever. My attitude has played a tremendous part in allowing Beaches to do their job and learn the proper tools to abstain a lifetime of sobriety and wellness. I will come out a better man because Beaches helped me realize behaviors that needed to be addressed in order to recover. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to come here for this experience and believe a higher power led me here all the way from Philadelphia to Florida to get the best treatment possible. Everything needed for a chance at recovering is here if you allow it to happen.

— Rick H.

An Individual Counselor Gave Fiona Hope

My time at Tides Edge Recovery has been one of the most positive and uplifting experiences of my life. All of the wonderful people here have filled me with so much hope. I will never forget that day I picked up the phone and made the call that saved my life. I was greeted by the kind and caring voice of Theressa, who made the transition from active addiction to recovery a seamless one for me. She was with me every step of the way and for that, I will remain eternally grateful. Once I arrived, I was met by the very same Theressa with open arms and a friendly smile. The accommodations and décor here at Tides is bright, clean and encouraging with hope and motivation from room to room. The staff here are friendly and fun while keeping their highest priority. Staff members Kevin, Adrienne, Bonnie, and Amy will keep you smiling and motivated. Thank you to everyone here at Tides Edge for teaching me that a sober life can be the best life.

— Fiona

Age Was Not a Stumbling Block for “Uncle Rick”

My name is Rick. Uncle Rick is what they call me at Tides Edge. I am an alcoholic age 65. I have been to treatment twice before but not here. Tides has brought the real me out. Participation and confident that this is my last time. It is going to be hard to leave the staff and therapist here because they really believe in us. Thanks, everyone at Tides. You guys are the best.

—Uncle Rick

Tides Edge has become my “safe place”

The comfort, support and kindness of the staff and therapists is truly unmeasurable. Not only am I learning the tools to manage my addictions and sustain my sobriety, I’m learning how much fun I can have sober. Upon leaving, I know I always have a place to turn. Tides Edge will always have a special place in my heart.

—Alyssa F.


Beaches Recovery changed my life

I came to Beaches Recovery full of shame, guilt, and had no self-confidence. After a very violent childhood and 50 years of trauma, I entered treatment and immediately started group and individual sessions with trauma therapist Karen Walker Mclean.

From the very first EMDR session I began to feel a change. We worked week after week on healing my brain – and slowly but surely my life started changing. I had been angry and scared when I first started treatment but then peace started to come. Everyone around me noticed before I did. EMDR gave me peace!! I began to feel different as we worked through all my pain and trauma – it brought me to a place of healing!

The work I did with Karen changed my life. I feel amazed and it is all because of the Beaches Recovery program!

—Joy W.


A new lease on life

Beaches Recovery is a magical place, from the staff to the housing. I’ve never felt more welcomed. But the real magic happens in trauma therapy. Karen truly knows how to get to the root of your problems. I know without a doubt, 99% of my sobriety today comes from trauma therapy. She saved my life. I came in as a broken individual, feeling like nothing I said was important. Today, my life has changed. I feel validated and heard. I’m so blessed to have had this experience, and a new lease on life.

Thank you forever Tides Edge and Beaches Recovery. A very special shoutout to Karen Mclean, Trauma Therapist and Danelle McCaw, Primary Therapist.

—Reid S.


Trauma Therapy completely changed my life

My name is Matt P, a 39-year-old, seven-year Combat Veteran of the United States Army. During my enlistment, I was deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. My duty MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) was a 13B Cannon Crew member. On more than one occasion I was involved in Combat Action  – I have seen plenty of death. Before treatment at Tides Edge and Beaches Recovery, I was riddled with depression, anxiety, and overwhelming anger. I was crippled by mental health issues and constantly self-medicating with alcohol. When I was admitted to Beaches Recovery, I started Trauma Therapy. Everything I had tried before had little to no effect, but I honestly had nothing to lose.

I was fortunate to participate in the Trauma Therapy at Beaches Recovery and given the amazing opportunity to participate in EMI (Eye Movement Integration) therapy with Karen McLean. This was by far the most helpful treatment I have ever received. I just wanted relief – out of my own head and start living life again. The therapy I received allowed me to experience a freedom I didn’t know was possible. I found myself again. I can’t express the gratitude and genuine love I have for Karen and the treatment I received at Beaches Recovery. Trauma Therapy completely changed my life, and I am forever grateful.

Once A Warrior! Always A Warrior!

—Matt P.