Opioids include a range of illegal and prescription drugs, and all of them are addictive. People who develop dependence and addiction will suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms and complications if they suddenly stop using.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this by yourself. Treatment for opioid addiction is available, and people who receive comprehensive care that includes medication as well as counseling are more likely to recover from their addiction.

It’s important to visit an opioid detox center in Florida to recover. Need more information about a drug and alcohol detox program? Call us today at 866.723.3127.

About Opioid Withdrawal

opioid detox centerWhether people use opioids for fun or to treat pain, they’re at risk of developing an opioid addiction. One of the many related problems is withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. Just as the brain adapts to needing the drugs, it takes time for it to adjust to not having them. The symptoms that arise in the meantime are how the brain and body communicate that they can’t function without the drugs. The best remedy is a drug and alcohol detox program.

Many people don’t seek an opioid detox center in Florida because they want to avoid the withdrawal process. Although death rarely occurs during opioid detox, the symptoms are usually painful and miserable. However, the severity of withdrawal depends on the severity of the addiction, the type of opioid, and other factors. Because of that, the symptoms range from mild to severe.

In general, however, whether you check into an opioid or heroin detox center the early symptoms of withdrawal include anxiety, muscle aches, sweating, and agitation. Insomnia, excessive eye-watering, and runny nose are other side effects. These symptoms can worsen during the first few days. Others can manifest, too, including stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting.

Like the severity of withdrawal, how long the process lasts at an opioid detox center in Florida depends on many factors. Most people get through it in a week or two. However, some symptoms, such as fatigue and insomnia, can linger for a month or longer.

The Importance of Visiting an Opioid Detox Center in Florida

Although some people don’t get treatment in order to avoid withdrawal, an opioid detox center in Florida is exactly where they should go. Continuing to abuse opioids puts lives at risk. The disease can cause other health issues, including mental health disorders, breathing problems, and heart conditions. Opioid detox is necessary to cleanse the body so that it can heal.

An opioid detox center in Florida is the best place to stop using opioids safely. It provides a reliable support system, medicines, and therapy to help people overcome opioid withdrawal and addiction. Find out about Tides Edge Detox, a premier opioid detox center.

In addition, a treatment center can give them the care that they need to avoid fatal complications during detox—for instance, accidentally inhaling stomach contents. At the same time, vomiting could cause an infection in the lungs or suffocation. Diarrhea and vomiting can also lead to dehydration, which can cause kidney problems and death. Monitoring during opioid detox can prevent these complications or at least address them before they cause damage.

Another reason why getting treatment at an opioid detox center in Florida is necessary is to avoid relapse, which can be deadly. Acute withdrawal symptoms are the most common cause of relapse because people use again to make the symptoms stop. An inpatient or residential opioid detox center not only offers medical support but also maintains a drug-free environment. Those in treatment don’t have access to drugs, which eliminates the relapse risk.

Medications and Therapy

Along with emotional support and health monitoring, people usually receive medications and therapy to treat opioid withdrawal. A Florida detox center can determine which treatments will work best based on each person’s needs.

In most cases, though, doctors administer medicines that reduce pain, nausea, and vomiting. They might use clonidine to treat high blood pressure or methadone to reduce cravings in chronic cases. Buprenorphine is another medication that reduces cravings and other symptoms.

Therapy is also part of an opioid detox center in Florida as well. Some examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This type of therapy focuses on changing harmful or negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It can help people overcome addiction by addressing thoughts and behaviors that lead to drug use.
  • Contingency management: This type of therapy is based on the idea that people are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors if they receive rewards for doing so. It may be used, for example, to encourage substance abuse prevention.
  • Family counseling: This type of therapy can help heal the damage that addiction has caused within families. It can also help family members learn how to support each other and set boundaries.

An Opioid Detox Program At Tides Edge Detox

Our opioid detox program is designed to help people safely and effectively detox from opioids while providing them with the support they need during this difficult time. It’s literally a new chance for a better life.

Medical detox eases the process of stopping opioid use, but it’s only the first step in addiction recovery. We partner with Beaches Recovery, also in Jacksonville. Beaches offers a full spectrum of opioid addiction treatment. You can complete detox safely. Then, we arrange for a seamless transition to our Beaches Recovery for rehab.

Don’t let opioids consume you or put your life at risk. Get help at a reliable opioid detox center in Florida. Call Tides Edge Detox to get the ball rolling at 866-723-3127.