people participating in a yoga therapy programEarly treatment is the best way to increase your chances of fully recovering. Treatment and inpatient detox centers utilize evidence-based treatments, such as medication assisted therapy, and holistic treatments, such as a yoga therapy program, in order to help you find recovery.

Addiction is a deadly disease. Drug overdoses have become the number one cause of accidental death in the United States. They are also the leading overall cause of death among Americans ages 50 and younger. Anyone, regardless of income, age, race, gender, and background, can develop a substance abuse disorder, alcoholism or addiction. In fact, more than 1 out of every 7 Americans ages 12 and older meets the criteria for a substance abuse disorder each year.

While addiction is a relatively common condition, most people don’t receive treatment or delay treatment until symptoms become disabling. Since addiction can interfere with your logical reasoning and decision-making centers in your brain, you can struggle to regain control of your life without help. You can end up spending excessive amounts of money on drugs and alcohol.

How Does Addiction Work?

Addiction isn’t caused by a lack of willpower or immorality. Drugs and alcohol alter your brain chemistry and can cause your body and brain to become fully dependent on your substance of choice in order to function. Drugs and alcohol are neurotransmitter inhibitors that cause your brain to release a pleasurable rush of neurotransmitters whenever you use. This rush of neurotransmitters causes the positive effects associated with intoxication.

During addiction, your brain’s pleasure and reward center also change, resulting in your brain rewarding your substance use and refusing to release neurotransmitters whenever you don’t use. Your brain also causes you to crave your substance of choice, especially when you are around triggers. Triggers can be people, places or things that your brain associates with your substance of choice.

Once you develop an addiction, you will continue to compulsively abuse drugs and alcohol even if you constantly deal with negative consequences or have a strong desire to quit. Withdrawal symptoms, which can begin within 24 hours of your last use, can make it hard to stop using without individualized addiction treatment.

Common signs and symptoms of addiction include:

  • Hiding or concealing your substance use
  • Having friends or family members confront you about your substance use
  • Using drugs or alcohol in dangerous or inappropriate situations
  • Neglecting responsibilities in order to abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Abusing drugs and alcohol alone

What is a Yoga Therapy Program?

Yoga therapy for addiction offers a safe and holistic treatment option. A Yoga therapy program can teach you how to cope with stress while improving your concentration and cognition. During addiction, it is common to neglect your physical and emotional needs. A Yoga therapy program helps you center and relax. Decreasing stress and coping with negative emotions is another major benefit of participating in a Yoga therapy program.

A Yoga therapy program can be used in addition to other treatments, such as individual or group counseling. Yoga can also promote healing, decrease pain and improve your coordination and posture. A Yoga therapy program can also implement techniques like deep breathing and meditation.

Reaching Out to a Treatment Center Today

Addiction can cause you to feel exhausted, frustrated and defeated. Reaching out for help from a treatment center is the best way to begin the process of regaining control of your and achieving lifelong recovery. Treatment centers can offer a wide range of drug and alcohol detox programs, including a Yoga therapy program, to help you recover. Call us today at 866.723.3127 if you are ready to start your recovery.