Detox FAQsMost psychoactive substances, including alcohol, opiates, and stimulants, can cause physical dependence. When you have a physical addiction, you can deal with troubling and painful withdrawal symptoms if you attempt to quit using. A medical detox program can limit the severity of your symptoms and make it easier to recover. Detox FAQs typically include questions about how long withdrawal symptoms last or what to expect following discharge.

Substance abuse, alcoholism, and addiction affect more than 1 out of every 7 Americans ages 12 and older annually. The prevalence of addiction and substance abuse disorders has played a major role in drug overdoses becoming the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Among Americans ages 12 to 30, drug overdoses are the overall leading cause of death.

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. Anyone, regardless of race, gender, age or religion, can develop a substance abuse disorder. It changes your brain chemistry, impairs your judgment and increases your chances of engaging in risky behaviors. Addiction and substance abuse disorders become progressively worse and more serious until you receive treatment.

Addiction and Withdrawal

Substance abuse disorders and addiction cause you to compulsively use and abuse drugs and alcohol despite experiencing serious negative consequences and having a strong desire to quit. Addiction can cause you to lose jobs and experience financial and legal problems. During addiction, your brain chemistry changes. Not only does your brain’s pleasure and reward center begin rewarding your drug and alcohol use, but addiction also clouds your judgment and impacts your logical reasoning skills.

Once you become physically dependent on your substance of choice, your brain associates your substance of choice with pleasure. When you aren’t using, your brain is unable to release the proper amounts of neurotransmitters and causes you to have intense and powerful cravings. Triggers, which are people, places or things that remind you of your substance of choice, make it difficult to avoid relapsing.

Withdrawal symptoms can begin within 24 hours of your last use. While most withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable, some symptoms can become life-threatening. Withdrawal can sometimes lead to seizures and dehydration, which require immediate medical attention. An inpatient detox center Jacksonville FL offers provides you with a safe and supportive environment and can reduce the intensity of your symptoms.

Detox FAQs

Detox frequently asked questions should be answered before you attend treatment. Most detox FAQs involve questions about detox center rules and policies. Before contacting a detox or treatment center, you can explore detox FAQs on the detox center’s website. If you have additional detox FAQs, talking with a detox admissions counselor before arriving is extremely helpful.

Most detox centers offer short-term treatment options, although detox centers can connect you with long-term programs before discharge. Detox centers utilize medications and therapy to help reduce the intensity and severity of your symptoms. Another important role detox centers play in your recovery is that they limit your chances of relapsing or experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms.

Detox centers can also provide:

  • Relapse prevention education
  • Addiction education
  • Individual counseling program
  • Group therapy
  • Treatment and discharge planning
  • Family counseling

Detox FAQs may also address how long you should expect to receive treatment. Each substance abuse disorder requires individualized care because withdrawal symptoms vary depending on your substance of choice and length of use.

Reaching Out for Help Today

Addiction is deadly. Without treatment, addiction can cause serious medical and mental health issues, decrease your quality of life and lead to a fatal overdose. Reaching out for help and exploring detox FAQs is the best way to begin your recovery process. To find out more about our premier detox programs, or to ask any detox FAQs you may have, call us today at 866.723.3127.