woman considers what physical dependence is

What Is Physical Dependence?

Drug addiction affects people in many ways. It may harm their personal lives, destroy their careers, break up their families, and cause emotional pain. These potential consequences occur only to some people. However, physical dependence occurs to everyone who becomes addicted to a substance. Whether it’s opioids, meth, heroin, or alcohol, physical dependence is the…

man considers the relationship between alcohol and depression

The Relationship Between Depression and Alcohol

We all face challenges in our life. While for many of us, these challenges are manageable and mundane, sometimes we are confronted with issues that require support from others to overcome. Perhaps the two most common issues affecting millions of Americans every year are depression and alcohol abuse. The first is the most common mental…

therapist and client discussing Oxy addiction side effects

Oxy Addiction Side Effects

Some may think that oxycodone, also commonly referred to as oxy, can be prescribed by doctors. It’s less dangerous than street drugs, such as heroin. However, addiction to painkillers can creep up on you. Oxycodone or Oxy is one such prescription painkiller. Because of the medication’s potency, individuals can follow their doctor’s instructions and still…