Man in cbt for addiction treatment

CBT vs. DBT: Which is Right for You?

Mental health problems, like anxiety, depression, and addiction, often start with behavioral concerns or are signed by them. There are several ways to treat mental health issues, but the most effective route is one-on-one talk therapy. The techniques used when someone enters individual therapy can vary. Still, two of the most popular and effective forms…

example of MDMA

MDMA Withdrawal Symptoms

When you become dependent on MDMA, you can experience painful and uncomfortable MDMA withdrawal, which makes it difficult to quit without help. Addiction and substance abuse disorders can cause financial, relationship, and legal problems, making it important to reach out for help from a stimulant detox center in FL. Tens of millions of Americans use…

woman gets fentanyl treatment

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Program

Fentanyl, also known as “China White,” is the strongest of high-grade painkillers called opioids. It’s a Schedule II drug prescribed to treat pain. For this reason, fentanyl is sometimes legally prescribed for long-term severe medical conditions like cancer. However, pharmaceutical labs aren’t the only source for this manmade opioid. Increasingly, illicit drug rings are producing…