A woman facing the cool reality of detoxing from alcohol

What Is Detoxing from Alcohol Like?

Quitting alcohol with no professional assistance carries serious health risks and can even result in death. However, an alcohol detox program includes care delivered under the watchful eye of experienced medical professionals. This ensures that each individual can go through withdrawal safely and begin their recovery sober and with the best chance at lasting success.…

A lone man experiencing the effects of drugs on the body

What Are the Negative Effects of Drugs on the Body?

The effects of illicit drugs and the abuse of prescription drugs or medication are harmful in many ways to the body. The substance addicted to, amount abused, and length of abuse all impact the severity of effects. At Tides Edge Detox, we strive to help clients break free from addiction physically to begin their journey…

A man suffering MDMA withdrawal

What Are MDMA Withdrawal Symptoms?

When you become dependent on MDMA, you can experience painful and uncomfortable MDMA withdrawal, which makes it difficult to quit without help. Addiction and substance abuse disorders can cause financial, relationship, and legal problems, making it important to reach out for help from a drug addiction detox center in FL. Tens of millions of Americans…

Man pondering whether there's a connection between anxiety and alcohol

Is There a Connection Between Anxiety and Alcohol?

If you’re battling anxiety, one of the ways you may be trying to cope is through drinking alcohol. That’s a coping mechanism many anxious people choose, especially in social situations. But it’s very unhealthy, and can lead to long-term health problems and addiction issues. You can break the link between anxiety and alcohol in your…

A man learning about the different types of addiction

Are There Different Types of Addiction?

Addiction is a complex condition characterized by persistent problematic behaviors despite knowing the negative consequences. Substance abuse of drugs or alcohol may be the most common activity associated with addiction, but different addiction types can develop. When individuals develop a dependency on drugs or alcohol, they have a substance use disorder. In fact, addiction is…