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Types of Addiction

Addiction is a complex condition characterized by persistent problematic behaviors despite knowing the negative consequences. Substance abuse may be the most common activity associated with addiction but there are different types of addiction a person can develop. Whether the addiction is behavioral or chemical, there is compulsive use and diminished control and the addiction can…

group therapy at a drug addiction treatment center

Choosing Quality Drug Addiction Treatment for Good Health

If you’re looking for quality drug addiction treatment services, you know you need to find a facility that can provide you with options. That way you can choose what works for your needs, and get a treatment program that’s actually going to help you succeed. A Florida medical detox center provides the quality service you’re looking…

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The Importance of Safely Detoxing From Alcohol

Quitting alcohol with no professional assistance carries serious health risks and can even result in death. However, an alcohol detox program includes care delivered under the watchful eye of experienced medical professionals. This ensures that each individual can go through withdrawal safely, and begin their recovery sober and with the best chance at lasting success.…

man sitting on couch with empty liquor bottle experiencing alcoholic dementia

Forgetting Something? The Shocking Truth About Alcoholic Dementia

A recent study explored the prevalence of early-onset dementia (before the age of 65). Of the 57,000 cases they reviewed, they could attribute 57% to heavy drinking. If you’ve noticed memory and cognition struggles lately, you need to know about alcoholic dementia. Don’t try to quit alcohol abuse alone. Reach out to an alcohol detox…

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CBT vs. DBT: Which is Right for You?

Mental health problems, like anxiety, depression, and addiction, all start with behavioral concerns. As a result, you need to understand the debate between CBT vs DBT. Doing so can help you better understand your treatment. Just remember: in the argument of CBT vs DBT, both therapies are beneficial. However, some people may react to one treatment…