If you are fighting an addiction problem in your life, you are not alone. Millions of people struggle on some level with battling addiction. This can be anything from a minor annoyance to a daily battle that threatens to overwhelm you. But no matter where you are with the addiction struggle, the sooner you seek addiction rehab, the quicker you can put this behind you. When you enter recovery at Tides Edge Detox, your life will begin to take on new meaning as you discover that you can overcome an addiction issue’s difficulties.

doctor explaining addiction rehabWhat to Expect at Addiction Rehab

When seeking addiction to help near Neptune Beach, you may wonder what to expect. Some people have slight anxiety because they are unsure about what rehab will be like or expect. Because of this, they may delay seeking addiction rehab. However, you don’t have anything to worry about when participating in a rehab detox program. You will have certified therapists working alongside you, guiding you.

When you begin addiction rehab, your therapist will go over the different treatment programs available, so you can decide which one is right for you. The treatments and how they work are as follows:

Inpatient addiction treatment program — during this program, you will reside within the rehab facility. Professional medical staff will be on hand to ensure you make it through comfortably. At an inpatient rehab, you will have a comfortable room and nutritious meals. A trained professional will monitor all your vital signs regularly to make sure you are progressing without problems. Also, you’ll take part in therapy sessions that address your needs throughout the day.

Men’s or women’s addiction treatment program — gender-specific treatment programs help individuals who want to connect more with their own gender. It can enable you to open up more and feel freer. Some people are more awkward and embarrassed around the opposite gender, so this gives you the chance to have a companionship with those who are like you. The program itself will operate similarly to the others.

Executive detox treatment — People in executive positions and face addiction may require unique treatment to address their needs. An executive detox center will help them move past the fear or denial they may have about being addicted in their position of professional power.

Getting Started with Addiction Rehab

It’s simple to find addiction help near Neptune Beach and Jacksonville. You can reach out through the internet and begin the admissions process. A specialist will verify your insurance, set up an appointment for your evaluation, and get you started in the program that works best for you. It doesn’t matter what type of addiction you’re facing; there are programs to help. Some of these treatment programs include:

Discover What Tides Edge Detox Has to Offer

If you have an addiction problem, don’t deal with it alone. You can find help with Tides Edge Detox. Certified staff is ready to walk with you along the healing journey. Addiction is a complex disease, and healing from it requires professional support. Our team can help individuals address their physical and mental symptoms while laying the foundation for a lasting recovery.

Don’t put off seeking treatment at an addiction rehab facility for your addiction. You can overcome this and have a fulfilled life and peace of mind. All it takes is that first step. You will have the support you need from Tides Edge Detox. Get started by participating in a quality rehab addiction treatment program. Contact Tides Edge Detox at 866.723.3127, or contact us online, and we’ll walk with you along the journey.