For men and women using drugs and alcohol, it can be very difficult to stop using. Even if you want to do so, it can prove to be difficult for many reasons. Your body and brain are dependent on those substances, making it impossible for you to stop using them on your own. Drug detox can change that. At Tides Edge Detox, located near Orange Park, Florida, we offer the detox therapies you need to break the addiction you’re finally facing.

Do You Need Drug Detox?woman participates in drug detox in orange park

Drug detox is necessary for many situations. It is not always a requirement of getting help for addiction, though your doctor or therapist may recommend it for numerous reasons. Drug detox may be beneficial to you if:

  • You’ve used drugs for a long time.
  • There’s a history of drug overdose or relapse.
  • You are using highly addictive drugs like opioids, cocaine, or benzos.
  • Withdrawal symptoms and cravings are significant if you stop using.
  • You are using a large number of drugs.

One key thing to remember is that if you are craving drugs or alcohol when you are not getting them, that’s an indication of dependence. When you have dependence, your brain and body expect the presence of those substances to function normally. Because they are dependent, you feel withdrawal symptoms such as pain, agitation, moodiness, and complex emotions as you try to stop using them. This is what makes it very hard for most people to stop using on their own.

What Makes Detox Therapies Different?

When you enroll in our drug detox programs near Orange Park, Florida, you will work closely with our professionals to minimize the onset of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We may be able to control them with medications and therapies designed to give you relief. This helps to make detox successful and puts you on the path towards healing.

What Type of Drug Detox Is Right for You?

Tides Edge Detox offers a range of detox therapies. That means there is a care plan here that can address your unique needs. When you work with our team, we provide you with a full assessment and then guide you on choosing care that fits your needs. Many people who benefit from detox also need help with nutrition support, medical health management, and mental health needs. We can do that for you.

The first step is to learn more about the drug detox opportunities we offer and how they work. Some of these therapies include:

You don’t have to decide what type of care is best for you. The only decision you need to make is to call our team to learn how to help you today.

What If You Don’t Get Detox and Need It?

Unfortunately, many people do not get the drug detox services they need. Without these detox therapies, it becomes very difficult to maintain a drug-free lifestyle. You may be at an increased risk of complications if you try to detox at home independently. If you do not work through this process, you may start using drugs and alcohol again, putting you at risk for overdose. That doesn’t have to happen.

Take the First Step in Getting Help – Call Tides Edge Detox Today

When you’re ready to make changes, drug detox is the first step. When it comes to healing your body and brain, having the right team to help you is critical. To learn more about our detox therapies and find out how to get started, call Tides Edge Detox. Our team is just a call away at 866.723.3127 or reach out to us online.