man talking to therapist at the drug detox center for Tennessee clientsDo you or your loved one need a drug detox center in Tennessee? It is one of the hardest decisions you have to make, but once you make it, it can save your life. Our team at Tides Edge Detox in Florida is committed to providing you with exceptional support as you begin this process. You do not have to be controlled by your addiction. We can help you work through these challenges together.

Being away from home can provide an opportunity for you to work on your future. Get away from addiction triggers and focus on your recovery in drug and alcohol detox programs.

What Is a Drug Detox Center Tennessee Residents Can Turn To?

Our drug and alcohol detox center for Tennessee residents here in Florida is a unique facility that is designed to provide you with a safe, comfortable place to spend some time. During your stay with us, our primary initial goal is to break the dependency you have on drugs or alcohol.

Dependency occurs when your brain is chemically alerted as a direct result of your drug or alcohol use. When this happens, your brain attributes using drugs or alcohol to pleasure. It seeks out more. It stops working properly without those drugs. You crave them. Here, our goal is to stop that craving from happening.

Who Should Use a Detox Center Like This?

Often, your doctor will recommend the use of a drug and alcohol detox center in Tennessee if you are battling addiction with withdrawal symptoms. Yet, you do not have to have a doctor’s approval. Our team can help you to make this decision yourself. If you have symptoms such as the following, you may benefit from our center:

  • You use drugs daily.
  • You have pain if you stop using them.
  • You tried to stop using them and could not do it.
  • You think about your next dose often.
  • You find yourself craving more and more of the drugs you are using.

Our drug detox center for Tennessee residents can provide you with the insight and support you need to stop these things from happening. You can gain more control over your future.

What Happens During Detox?

In our drug detox center for Tennessee residents, you will work hand-in-hand with a therapist and a medical provider. Their goal is to keep you safe while your body naturally removes the toxins from it. This can take some time, depending on the number of drugs you use as well as how long you’ve used them.

Along with this, our team will also help you to start on the healing process. This includes providing you with a range of therapy options to help you to start working on yourself. This includes:

If you are facing addiction and looking for a drug detox center in Tennessee, call us to learn more about the treatment options available to you here in Florida. Stepping away from your everyday life to work on your future may just be the best thing for you. Getting out of your comfort zone can give you a perspective not just on your addiction but on the issues you’re dealing with. Also, a drug detox center in Tennessee may not offer the distance you need to escape triggers and avoid relapse.

Invest in Your Future at Tides Edge Detox

Our complete drug detox center for Tennessee clients gives you the tools, therapies, and methods to help improve your health. If you have been told you need detox or you know you do, our team at Tides Edge Detox is available to help you with your treatment needs. All you have to do is to contact us online or call 866.723.3127 to speak with our trusted team to get started.