Deciding to invest in your health starts with choosing a drug detox program. At Tides Edge, we provide a comprehensive program designed to provide you with outstanding support and guidance as your body begins to heal. Drug addiction does not have to limit your future when you have an innovative program available to help you.

individual learning about drug detoxWhy Is Drug Detox Necessary?

Many people benefit from drug detox because it provides a safe place for the body to naturally remove the buildup of toxins and waste products left over from drug use. This process takes time. During that process, the symptoms of dependence may become severe. That includes withdrawal symptoms such as muscle and bone pain, agitation, intense mood swings, and headaches. Cravings also can become unbearable. These symptoms often cause a person to start using drugs again even if they really want to stop.

In our drug detox program, we can help manage these symptoms in a meaningful manner. We can provide you with medications to help ease symptoms of withdrawal and cravings. This can provide you with a better chance at long-term recovery.

What Are the Benefits of a Drug Detox?

During drug detox, you will live on our campus as we provide for all of your needs. This process can take several weeks or a couple of months to complete. When you work through it, you’ll see several services provided, including:

  • A safe place with medical care to help with the detoxing process
  • Mental health support to enable proper management of depression, anxiety, and other disorders
  • Emergency medical care should you need it due to the complications of withdrawal
  • Treatment for illness and disease brought on by addiction
  • Support for nutritional needs to encourage the body to heal

The benefits of drug detox are numerous. They can help your brain and body start to heal in a safe, drug-free environment. We aim to provide a comfortable, modern environment for this to happen where people feel safe and supported.

Drug Detox Also Allows for the Start of Therapy Services

During the drug detoxing process, your therapist will begin providing you with access to therapy. While detox works to break the addiction and dependence brought on by using drugs like this, the process of therapy enables whole-body healing. We offer a range of therapeutic services, including:

We also offer a comprehensive, holistic detox program. This allows your body to detox in a safe manner without the use of chemical-based treatments. It also enables whole-body healing, which includes mind, body, and spirit. This type of comprehensive care can help men and women make the change in their lives that they need.

How to Enroll in Drug Detox

If you believe detox is the right step for you – and for many with moderate to severe addiction, it is – reach out to our team at Tides Edge. We provide a full assessment to determine what type of care is best in your situation. You can learn about our various treatment options as well as our comprehensive care services. Most importantly, you will learn just how important it can be to start the healing process with us, where you are supported, encouraged, and motivated to see the changes you desire.

Invest in Your Future and Health by Calling Tides Edge Detox

Drug detox can change the course of your future. Our team at Tides Edge Detox offers a comprehensive treatment program designed to provide you with innovative solutions and comfortable care. Learn more about our drug detox near Jacksonville by calling 866.723.3127 or connecting with us online now.