Deciding to get drug and alcohol treatment is one of the biggest and best decisions you can make. Yet, it is not just as simple as saying yes to therapy. You also need to consider the type of care best suited for your situation. For many people, that is holistic detox. At Tides Edge Detox, we offer detox therapies to fit many needs and offer some of the most innovative programs available today. Are you ready to embrace the care you need?

Why Choose a Holistic Detox?woman participates in a holistic detox center

Located near Daytona Beach, Tides Edge Detox offers a wide range of detox therapies to meet your needs. Detox is a complex process that involves working through the physical and mental health aspects of addiction. It goes without saying that it is going to be a challenge. Yet, with the help of professionals and our holistic detox services, you may be able to heal without as many complications.

What makes our detox holistic? There are various components to this. You may know that most people need components of evidence-based care, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. You may also need medical help during your detoxing process. Those services are still available. Yet, on top of this, we also offer holistic care. This includes programs and therapies designed to support the healing of your body and spirit. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Nature therapy
  • Animal therapy
  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Meditation therapy
  • Pilates therapy

These services alone will not solve all of your addiction problems, but they can encourage healing and mental health improvement on a very natural level. They feel good. They feel as though they are restoring who you are and what your needs are. They may even encourage healing at the cellular level.

Do You Need Detox Therapies?

Detox is not something everyone needs, but if you’ve used drugs for a long time or used a significant amount of them, it is best for you. Those who have moderate to severe addiction benefit from detox because it provides a way for your body to remove the chemical toxins naturally. You will also notice detox therapies help you overcome the hardest parts of breaking your addiction – overcoming dependence.

You may need detox if you have used drugs or alcohol for a long time. You may benefit if you use a lot of drugs or use highly addictive drugs. If you’ve failed at stopping your use in the past or had an overdose, it’s also important to get this help.

Are You Ready to Find Holistic Detox Services?

Deciding to get help for your addiction starts with choosing our detox centers. You may know what’s important and beneficial to you. Yet, even if you do not, our team is here to help you. When you call our offices to learn more about the treatment options we offer, you’ll have the opportunity to start healing. We will discuss your needs, therapies, and finding the right balance of care for your needs. We’ll provide a full assessment to determine the best course of action for your needs. Some of our holistic detox services may include:

Choose to Get Healthy by Calling Tides Edge Detox

Holistic detox is an option for you. If you are using drugs and alcohol and need help stopping, reach out to our team at Tides Edge Detox. Let us provide you with insights on the detox therapies that may help you heal. Our team is available to speak to you when you give us a call at 866.723.3127 or connect online.