If you are looking for a medical detox center in Florida, you have a wealth of choices to choose from. Familiarizing yourself with the varying types of detox treatments available is a great first step in the process. Florida has an area of 65,755 square miles and is populated by 21.48 million people. In addition to Florida residents, people come from all over to enjoy the warm climate and beautiful beaches. Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is home to Tides Edge Detox. This comprehensive, accredited treatment facility supervises detoxification from several drugs of abuse and alcohol. Detox is our specialty. Treatment in sunny Florida has the bonus of great, year-round weather. It is a great place to renew and recreate your life once the addiction is behind you.

How Is Medical Detox Different From Regular Detox?Dr. discusses with patient the best detox center for Arizona

Detox is the first step in your treatment program. It is a crucial and necessary part of rehabilitation. It is the process of ridding your body of the substance or substances you’ve been abusing. Medical detox is different from regular detox in that medication is prescribed to aid in the detox process. When you come into a detoxification center, you will be evaluated medically. At that time, a physician will determine whether you need medication due to another medical issue, the severity of your drug use, the type of drug you abused, as well as other circumstances that may be present.

Medical detox is generally used to ease the withdrawal symptoms. During the course of your abuse, your body has become physiologically addicted to the substance. When you decide to stop, your body has chemical imbalances. How your body reacts to the cessation of alcohol and/or drug abuse varies. You will have your own individual experience with detoxification.

A medical detox center provides a safeguard. Medical staff will continually monitor your medically to make certain your body is adjusting to the withdrawal. Certain substances have dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Having this medical back-up not only eases the withdrawal, but it can also save your life. Some withdrawal symptoms like seizures and hypertension can be deadly if left unchecked.

Medical Detox Center Is Still Detox

Just like your detox experience is unique, your reasons for a medical detox will vary. Drugs like methadone and benzodiazepines are commonly used in medical detox efforts. Do not be deterred by the use of medication. You may feel that you want to detox from drugs completely and not want to substitute a prescription medical detox medication for your illicit drug. In most cases, the medical detox prescription is not a substitute. It is used to alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms. Also, you will not have to use the prescription for longer than necessary. Your body is still detoxing from alcohol or the drug you abused. Detoxing safely is of paramount importance, and you will receive the proper medical care in a facility such as Tides Edge Detox.

People Come To Tides Edge Detox From Near And Far

Being able to relax and focus on treatment is easier to do in a beautiful, warm locale. Tides Edge Detox accepts clients from everywhere. Contact us today to learn if your insurance will be accepted or if there are other provisions needed to secure your stay. We are here to help you or your loved one start the journey towards a lifetime of sobriety. We treat every type of drug and/or alcohol addiction. The following is a brief listing of some of our program choices:

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