Could a medical detox center change your life? For men and women dependent on drugs or alcohol, detox is often the first step. This can be a challenging, even overwhelming feeling, to know you need to leave home for a bit to get help. Yet, our team at Tides Edge Detox can provide you with the support you need. Located in Florida, we encourage you to spend some time working with us now.

The Benefits of a Medical Detox Center Away from Home

Leaving home for a medical detox center may be one of the most important decisions you make of your lifetime. Many North Carolina residents come to our outstanding treatment program because of the promise of sobriety it can bring. Quality care is just one of the reasons to choose our program, though.

Gain Privacy During Treatment

Another key benefit of using our medical detox program is that you’ll have ample privacy as you work on the healing process. You do not have to worry about anyone knowing you are here or what you’re doing.

Focus on You

Most importantly, you can focus on getting the care you need without having to worry about what’s happening at home. You can focus on just your needs and what you’re facing. This can be a critical factor in your long-term recovery. If you do not work through past trauma, mental health concerns, or the stress you feel, you may not gain the confidence you need. We can provide that to you in our medical detox program.

What Happens During the Detox Process? men talking about a Medical Detox Center in North Carolina

When you arrive from North Carolina for our medical detox center, you will have a full assessment done. We will talk to you about what’s happening, why, and what we can do to help you. You will also learn more about what you can expect in the days that follow.

While you are here, you will receive outstanding care. As a medical detox program, we provide our clients with one-on-one care during their stay so that any medical needs can be met. This includes helping to control withdrawal and cravings. We also work very closely with you to ensure no health complications arise during the process. We can provide nutritional support and help with the management of other ailments or diseases you may have.

Your body will naturally work to remove the drugs and chemicals from it. This process takes some time, but you’ll remain comfortable in a home-like setting while you heal. Our team is always available to help you.

You Begin Counseling, Too

Within our medical detox center, our clients begin working on their addiction beyond the detox component.  Detoxing does not cure addiction. It’s just the first step. You will also need addiction counseling to work on dealing with what’s caused your addiction or brought you to this point.

At Tides Edge Detox, you will get access to the type of program right for you. This may include options such as:

Your time with us here in Florida is designed to provide you with the clarity you need to heal when you go back home to North Carolina. We encourage you to put yourself first and focus on getting treatment. It can change your life and future.

Find the Treatment You Need at Tides Edge Detox

When you are considering a medical detox center, North Carolina residents need to know there’s help for them right here in Florida. At Tides Edge Detox, you can obtain the level of care and support you need so you can start on the path to recovery. To learn more, call our compassionate counselors at 866.723.3127.