Pennsylvania residents looking to enter drug rehab may want to consider what a medical detox program can offer first. Detox is the first stage of the recovery process and one of the most critical. By choosing to work with a medical detox program, you ensure that you don’t go through withdrawal alone. You have medical professionals on your side to make things easier, so you can enter rehab sober.

individual getting support at medical detox centerWhat Causes Withdrawal?

Detox is the time right after you stop using a drug or drinking alcohol. It is when your body goes through withdrawal, but what causes it?

Addiction is a complex disease, one that impacts the brain. When you take a drug or drink alcohol, the chemical substance can change the way your brain functions, and that is at the heart of withdrawal.

The reward center of the brain works to encourage you to do things that are good for you and that promote survival. It does this by giving you a euphoric reward when you have sex or exercise. That is why these things are called mood elevators. The brain releases a chemical that makes you feel good, so you’ll want to do them again.

It’s a system that sounds very efficient, but it’s not perfect. Drugs and alcohol can mimic those feel-good chemicals or interfere with how they work in some way. That’s why taking drugs make you feel good. The more you use the substance, the more the brain starts to rely on it to give you those feel-good moments. Pretty soon, it stops releasing those chemicals that give you a euphoric feeling, and, instead, you only get it from drug use. When you stop using drugs, the chemicals in the brain become unbalanced, and that is why you have withdrawal symptoms that are unpleasant and sometimes dangerous.

How Medical Detox Works

A medical detox center offers you a secure place and help as you go through withdrawal. If you choose an inpatient program, you stay in a monitored environment with medical professionals checking your vital sign continuously. They can also provide medication that helps ease some of the more serious withdrawal side effects.

Withdrawal from alcohol is especially challenging and might require medication to help prevent complications like seizures and delirium tremors (DTs). It usually recommended that someone going through alcohol withdrawal do so in a secure medical detox center.

What to Look for in a Medical Detox Program

Pennsylvania residents who are looking for a medical detox center should expect certain things from the program, such as:

  • Addiction education
  • Relapse prevention
  • Discharge planning
  • Family counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Drug education

The more comprehensive the medical detox program, the easier the withdrawal. Tides Edge Detox provides all the extras like this and in a luxury setting. Some other services you can expect to see at Tides Edge Detox include:

We work to make your transition into drug rehab as easy as possible. Tides Edge Detox in Jacksonville, FL, provides inpatient and outpatient detox services and has clients from all over.

If you are thinking about going to rehab, keep in mind that many will require you to go through a medical detox center first to ensure your sobriety for a specific time. Tides Edge Detox lets you do it in luxury.

Pennsylvania residents in need of a medical detox program should contact us at 866.723.3127. You don’t have to go through withdrawal alone. Tides Edge Detox is a medical detox center that can help you do it safely and comfortably.