The drug detox process is complex and can create instances of health risks for many people. It is always necessary to work with a team of professionals who can help you get through detox safely and provide a comfortable environment and process for you. At Tides Edge Detox, we offer a comprehensive medical detox in Florida designed to meet each one of the complications that could happen.

doctor explaining medical detox to patientWhat Is Medical Detox?

Our medical detox near Gainesville is designed to provide you with a wide range of treatment options in a safe, inviting space. When you enter this type of treatment, you’ll work to detox from drugs and alcohol. What makes it a medical detox is the access to medical care if and when you need it.

Some drug addictions cause life-threatening health complications as the detox process begins. In medical detox, there is a team available to handle these types of needs right away. Additionally, medical detox can offer a few other benefits such as:

  • Meet medical needs associated with the addiction or dependence
  • Provide support for mental health disorders as soon as possible
  • Provide help for nutritional deficiencies to encourage healing and inflammation reduction
  • Ensure proper medical monitoring during the detox process
  • Ensure emergent care is available should something occur during the process
  • Ensure medications are available to help with the management of withdrawal and cravings

Our medical detox team is ready to support you through those initial days when you are not sure you have made the right decision. Know that we are here to help you, even if the entire process is easy for you to manage. In a medical location like this, you are supported throughout the process.

What Is in a Medical Detox Program?

Our medical detox in Florida is designed to provide a range of services to you. Though your body does the hard work for detoxification over a period of time, there is the need to start working on healing the brain. That means engaging in therapy. During medical detox, the therapy process can occur. That means an individualized care plan is created to address the unique needs you have. Then, therapists and counselors begin to work with you on overcoming the challenges you are facing.

You can expect a safe place to live during this detox process. The length of your care depends on the severity of your addiction, the length of time you’ve used, as well as your access to a drug-free location to live in outside of therapy.

How Our Medical Detox Near Gainesville Can Help You

For men and women facing drug addiction and dependence, it is not possible to stop using. It is nearly always necessary for a person to get treatment in a detox center. That’s because we can provide you with the tools and medications needed to prevent the onset of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We can also help you to avoid giving in to addiction and relapsing.

At the same time, our treatment programs are encouraging and motivating. We can keep you focused on achieving the goals you have. Take a few minutes to consider the benefits of seeking out drug detox services. Then, let our team help you. We offer:

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Providing a medical detox service to the Gainesville area enables Tides Edge Detox to support men and women struggling with addiction to start on the path of recovery. Our comprehensive medical detox in Florida is available to adults who are ready to change. To learn more about it, call 866.723.3127 and connect with our team online now.