Drug and alcohol addiction creates changes that impact nearly every facet of life. As that happens, a person’s body becomes more dependent on the drugs, making it almost impossible to stop using on your own. For women who want to stop using, treatment is the first step. Like the one offered by Tides Edge Detox, a women’s detox program may be exactly what’s needed to create the change desired.

woman smiling entering womens detoxWho Needs a Women’s Detox Program?

If you’ve used drugs or alcohol for a long time, your body may be dependent on it. Dependence occurs when brain chemistry is altered by substances leaving the individual reliant upon it to function normally. This can happen with many types of drugs. Often people find if they stop using, they feel pain, cannot sleep, or have trouble with emotions. Cravings can also be intense. It is these symptoms of withdrawal that often lead women to relapse and start using again.

You may benefit from a women’s detox program if you:

  • Use drugs or alcohol daily and want to stop
  • Have had an overdose or a previous relapse
  • Use drugs to deal with emotional problems like depression or anxiety
  • Cannot control how much you consume or how often you use
  • Have used drugs for a long time
  • Use drugs that are highly addictive, such as cocaine, meth, or heroin

When you stop using drugs or alcohol for a day, do you feel pain and have cravings? If so, detox may be necessary to stop these signs of withdrawal from occurring. Tides Edge Detox can help you.

What Happens When You Enroll in a Women’s Detox Program

After contacting our team, we’ll set up a full assessment for you. This is a process that enables doctors and therapists to determine what your needs are. If you qualify for detox, you can then start treatment. You’ll live at the center through the process. Detox itself takes several days to a couple of weeks to complete. During this time, you’ll live in a comfortable area with others going through the same challenges you are.

During detox, you will:

  • Have access to medical care for any disease or injury needs
  • Receive supervision to ensure any medical emergencies are handled quickly
  • Engage in individual and group therapy sessions to start the healing process
  • Gain access to mental health disorder treatment as needed
  • Take medications to help control withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • Start to feel better through holistic care and whole-body healing

In a women’s only treatment program, you do not have to worry about other genders’ distractions. You will feel comfortable enough to open up and work with your counselor on overcoming your addiction. Treatment is positively provided to you. You’re treated like family and supported throughout the process.

When you are ready to learn more about our women’s detox in Florida, we encourage you to reach out. Each of our treatment programs includes access to innovative therapies and resources to support your healing needs. We offer therapies such as:

Most importantly, you’re safe here. Let’s help you overcome stress, trauma, and addiction that could limit your health and wellbeing.

Embrace Change by Turning to Tides Edge Detox

A women’s detox program is a big step towards rebuilding your life and creating the change you desire. Our team at Tides Edge Detox invites you to explore the opportunities available to you here. Our women’s detox near Jacksonville is equipped to provide a comfortable experience designed with modern amenities and holistic care. To learn more about the services we offer and how you can get started, call 866.723.3127 or reach out to us online today.