Realizing that you need addiction therapy help is the first step in recovering. If you live near Atlantic Beach or Jacksonville, Florida, finding the ideal addiction therapy program is essential for healing. With addiction in Jacksonville a problem, as it is in all larger cities, it can be difficult to overcome substance use temptations without help. However, finding the right treatment program that offers addiction therapy to get to your issue’s root is essential. Fortunately, Tides Edge Detox has a team of committed and compassionate counselors and therapists to help individuals heal and recover.

patient in addiction therapyAddiction Therapy Programs in Florida

There are several types of addiction therapy programs that are available when you attend rehab treatment. Each one has its own benefits. Some of these therapy programs are as follows:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: Often referred to as CBT, this therapy is based on the belief that your actions are often a result of your emotions, which, in turn, are a result of how you think. So, the mind, emotions, and behavior are closely linked. The therapy focuses on deprogramming people’s negative thought processes and helping them discover positivity in thinking. It’s more than just positive thinking, though, because people often have deeply rooted ideas about themselves, the world, and others that are false. This causes them to feel negative emotions and, consequently, respond negatively. By challenging those thoughts, people can eliminate the emotions and behaviors associated with them.
  • Individual therapy: Often, people need some one-on-one time to discuss the problems they face addiction issues. They may need to talk about triggering events or cravings they’re experiencing. During individual therapy, people get to have that alone time with a certified therapist that is crucial to their health.
  • Group therapy: Group therapy is just as crucial for some people as any other therapy is. During these sessions, people can discuss issues and vent with others who are in a similar situation. It also allows people to get a perspective from others who have walked on the same path. As they share their experiences and talk about what does or doesn’t work for them, they’ll get more ideas on how to overcome them.

How to Get Started With Addiction Therapy in Flordia

When dealing with addiction in Florida, your first step is to reach out to a rehab center near you. The intake coordinator will begin the admissions process by verifying your insurance and taking down your information. Next, a certified therapist will evaluate your situation and place you in the proper treatment program. Some of the treatment programs available include:

Within these treatment plans will be your therapy schedule, including the type of sessions you’ll be attending.

Addiction Therapy Near Atlantic Beach at Tides Edge Detox

Welcome to Tides Edge Detox, the addiction therapy treatment center serving the Jacksonville and Atlantic Beach, Florida area. Our caring therapists are standing by, ready to assist you with getting started with the detox process. You don’t have to go through this alone. You will have the assistance of certified medical professionals by your side, helping you make it through the journey successfully.

At our rehab treatment facility, we use evidence-based therapies to ensure you make strides in your journey to healing.

Don’t put off getting addiction therapy for your substance use disorder. Be proactive by taking the first step in seeking help. You can overcome withdrawal and substance abuse with the help of a treatment program designed for you. Participating in a rehab treatment program by contacting Tides Edge Detox at 866.723.3127, or contact us online and we’ll walk with you along the journey.