What a difference a beach makes. If you are experiencing drug and or alcohol addiction and you reside in Jacksonville, Florida you are not by yourself. There is a men’s detox center located close to you. Tides Edge Detox in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, can be a valuable resource for your situation. Jacksonville Beach is a mere 21 miles away from Jacksonville. This is the perfect proximity to get away from the everyday and focus on your drug addiction issue. You are close enough to home to be nearby.  At the same time, you are far enough away to avoid being entangled with people, places, and things. These people, places, and things can trigger a relapse.

Should Detox Be Gender Specific?Men discuss their detox center near Jacksonville

The short answer is a resounding “yes.” Detox should be gender-specific. Men and women have different needs when it comes to drug rehabilitation treatment. Detoxification is the first step in a drug rehabilitation treatment regimen. As a result, your detox and the subsequent treatment should both be gender-specific.

Women seek treatment more often than men, however, men are the largest population in drug treatment. That is because men disproportionately abuse drugs more often than women. This is not the only difference. The physiological differences between men and women alter their drug abuse experiences to a great degree. These particular items are stressed in therapeutic settings during drug treatment. As a result, disparities are evident. Gender-specific detox and treatment take out these baseline disparities. As a result, you and all clients are better able to focus on individual treatment needs.

Features Of A Great Men’s Detox Center

Detox is the door-entering phase of treatment. At a men’s detox center, you will notice the raw edge of drug addiction. Clients are being evaluated to find their respective proper placement. This placement is crucial to drug treatment success. During the evaluation, blood screenings are conducted to ascertain the number of drugs and the types of drugs in your system. Being honest with your intake treatment team is best. Cutting to the chase of getting you sober is everyone’s goal.

During the evaluation phase, you will be assessed for the type of detox that you need. Tides Edge Detox has various programming for your needs. Our programming tracks are drugs specific to deal with the social, physiological, and social issues around your prescription or illicit drug usage. Also, alcohol detox has certain specifications as well. During evaluation, you will also learn if you need medical detox. Medical detox is necessary for varying reasons. During treatment, you will be medically evaluated frequently to determine if you are physically safe during detox.

After you are evaluated at the men’s detox center, you will be stabilized. Getting used to the withdrawal symptoms and being drug-free is a process. Again, this process is individualized and very specific to your situation. Once you are stabilized and drug-free, you can begin the transfer process to regular inpatient or outpatient drug treatment. During the evaluation and stabilization phases of your treatment, you will be involved in group therapy work as well. Learning how to stay sober is done with talk therapy tools.

Treatment Begins With Detox

Make the 28-minute trek to Tides Edge Detox. It is our goal to lay a firm, secure foundation for your treatment experience. There is nothing more important than your health. Being drug and/or alcohol-free is of paramount importance. Our treatment facility focuses on a detox of adults only. Here is a sampling of some of the programming we offer at Tides Edge Detox:

Begin your treatment regimen right now. Call us at 866.723.3127, or contact us online. A concerned, professional staffer will walk you through the process of detoxification.