If you are looking for a women’s detox center for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to know what to expect. Knowing what to expect alleviates some of the anxiety around starting drug treatment. Going to a women’s detox center in Florida like Tides Edge Detox is no different from attending treatment centers worldwide. Outdoor activities and opportunities for seasonal recreation is one key difference. The warmer climate you find in Florida may be ideal for your situation. We can help you decide if you want a local women’s detox center or if you want to go out of state.

Women have different needs when it comes to drug rehabilitation treatment. Gender-specific treatment is found to be better for you as a client. Women have different physical effects as a result of substance or alcohol abuse. Their lives are impacted differently in terms of societal load and logistics. As a result, how substance use is treated differs between men and women. Going to a women’s detox center in Florida alleviates the need to delve into gender-related issues. Your sobriety can be the main focus.

Features Of A Comprehensive Detoxification FacilityGroup of women discuss their detox center in Florida

Comprehensive women’s detox centers have basic components to ensure a safe and healthy detox from drugs and/or alcohol. To make sure that you stay healthy, an evaluation must be performed. A medical team will evaluate you or your loved one to understand your psychological or medical issues. These issues will impact detoxification. If there are certain medical issues present, you may have to undergo medical detox. Medical detox includes receiving medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Your evaluation includes a screen for the number of drugs in your system. It’s important to understand what the level of addiction is to assist the detoxification properly. The number of drugs in your system will directly affect the level of withdrawal symptoms.

What Happens After The Evaluation?

Once a proper evaluation has been conducted, your treatment team will move onto stabilization. Therapy and medication may be used to stabilize your condition. Detoxification should not be a dangerous situation. Being in a professional setting will give you the added benefit of proper medical supervision so you do not harm your body.

Once you have been evaluated and stabilized, it’s time to begin regular treatment. The detoxification process is over; you are drug and/or alcohol-free (if you’re taking addiction treatment medication, you’re still considered to be illicit drug abstinent). Medication is only employed to ease the detoxification process. Your treatment may be inpatient or outpatient, depending upon your individual needs. Your treatment team will make the assessment, and you will graduate to the treatment phase of your sobriety goal.

Using Your Time Efficiently

Your treatment team will work with you on using your time efficiently while in detoxification. Take it slow. Take it one day at a time. Trying to do too much too soon can trigger a relapse. Deciding to be drug or alcohol-free is a great milestone in your health journey. Work with the professionals to use your time in detoxification wisely. Ask questions about the treatment process.

Tides Edge Detox Center- Getting Back To The Center Of Your Life

Located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Tides Edge Detox Center focuses on detoxification services only. We are a comprehensive program with gender-specific detoxification services. We are familiar with the variety of prescription drugs and illicit substances that are commonly abused. We have a separate medical detox center programming component to make certain that your body adjusts to detox. Some of the other programmings we offer include the following:

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